Gregory Grämiger
former senior assistant
Curriculum Vitae

since autumn 2014
additional engagement at the Chair for Architecture and Construction, Prof. Annette Gigon and Prof. Mike Guyer, ETH Zurich. Research and publication project on the building type "Public Libraries"

PhD-Thesis "Localizations of Knowledge. The Spaces and Collections of the University in Leiden 1575–1700", supervised by Prof. Dr. Andreas Tönnesmann, PD Dr. Lothar Schmitt, Prof. Dr. Eric Jorink, Prof. Dr. Philip Ursprung

Associated member of the ProDoc "Kunst als Kulturtransfer seit der Renaissance", directed by Prof. Dr. Andreas Tönnesmann, Prof. Dr. Andreas Beyer and Prof. Dr. Norberto Gramaccini.

since 2008
Research and Teaching Assistant at the Chair for the History of Art and Architecture, Prof. Dr. Andreas Tönnesmann, Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta), ETH Zurich

autumn 2007
Diploma in Architecture, ETH Zurich

Work as an Architect and Urban Planner

Study of Architecture, ETH Zurich

Born in Zurich