History of Art and Architecture III: At Home. Living Architecture in Switzerland 1870 - 1970

Lecturers: Dr. Katrin Eberhard
Time: 10.00 h -10.45 h
Location: HIL E 7

Requirements for accommodation appropriate to social status not only differ within one and the same society, but are also subject to tremendous changes over the course of time. The lecture-course will examine various forms of residential accommodation in Switzerland in the period from 1870 to 1970. In addition to analysis and classification of example buildings from the point of view of architectural history, attention will also constantly focus on the social, political and economic motivations of the architects and commissioning clients involved. Prestigious villas for the rising industrial bourgeoisie will be discussed, as well as the Alpine retreat of a newspaper publisher, the urban residential and business building of a craftsman’s family, the terraced house on the workers’ estate, and a nurses’ hostel. The analysis will of course give special attention to the interiors.


Dr. Katrin Eberhard