History of Art and Architecture I

Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Andreas Tönnesmann / Prof. Dr. Peter Kurmann
Time: 12.45 h - 15. 30 h
Location: HIL E 3

Introduction and outline concerning the history of art and architecture from late Antiquity to the end of the Romanesque period and from the late Middle ages to Mannerism.

The material dealt with in the first section of the lecture encompasses the beginnings and expression of post-medieval architecture and art in Europe. Particular emphasis is laid upon Renaissance and Baroque architecture in Italy, France and Germany.
In addition to communicating basic knowledge of the history of architecture by examples of the most important buildings of every epoch, another aim of the lecture will be to show the correlation between architectural concepts and cultural, political and social general framework.

The second section of the lecture presents the artistic and architectural production south and north of the alps from the 4th to the 14th century. Next to the formal characterisation and the historical stilistics we will look at the mediality of the buildings, their function in the historic and cultural context. This enables to recognize the meaning and expression of historic buildings which influence their reception and perception until today.