Chair for the History of the Art and Architecture Dr. Andreas Tönnesmann
Director: Prof. Dr. Ita Heinze-Greenberg

Architectural history is the history of the forms, functions, and types of buildings. In addition, however, it is also the history of culture and mentalities, a history of creativity, and ultimately also part of a comprehensive history and theory of art. These aspects are discussed in close relation to one another in the courses on the history of architecture and art offered at the eth. Students are presented with examples of developments in the history of art and architecture from antiquity to the present day, and are introduced to the materials and methods used in the historical approach to architecture. The aim of the courses is to increase prospective architects’ awareness of the complex relationship between architecture and tradition, the earlier history of the profession, and the way in which places are shaped historically. In addition, students should acquire an ability to engage independently with the historical problems of the discipline.

Special emphasis is given to postgraduate studies in the teaching work conducted. The Chair supervises candidates for doctoral and post doctoral degrees who have a background in the cultures of various different disciplines, but who are committed to higherlevel scholarly goals despite all the uniqueness of the individual projects. To make intensive scholarly exchanges possible, an annual colloquium for young scholars, lasting several days, is held annually outside Zurich, in addition to the individual supervision provided.

From January 1, 2017 the position of the chair Tönnesmann will be filled by Prof. Dr. Maarten Delbeke.
The current head of the chair Tönnesmann, Prof. Dr. Ita Heinze-Greenberg, will hold a titular professorship for the history of modern architecture.